Historic Monuments

Loutraki and the wider area of Corinth is a place filled with historic monuments and places of significant historic value. Guests are welcome to visit a plethora of monuments and points of interest, so as to take a glimpse at the marvelous wealth of the glorious past. A prominent civilization has bloomed in the region, with rich excavations bringing to light its magic character.

First of all, a place you should not miss out is the Isthmus of Corinth or else Corinth Canal. The canal is over 80 kilometers long and stretches for more than 6 kilometers. This is one of the finest samples of architecture and engineering in antiquity and you are encouraged to admire its magnitude from the bridge all the way down to the waters. Ancient Corinth is another place of marvel, where visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the fabulous structures of temples and public buildings, baths and a basilica. This site is of great historic importance, attracting global attention throughout the year.

Erected back in 540 BC, the Temple of Apollo is another great historic monument in the wider area of Corinth. It is an emblematic Doric temple, which offers unsurpassable views to nature's bliss all around. Of course, the ongoing excavations of Corinth have brought to light a lot of amazing depictions of life in antiquity. All these are exhibited in the Corinth Archaeological Museum. So you can combine your visit to the site of Ancient Corinth and the Museum. Finally, Acrocorinth is a great place for you to visit. Enjoy the magical vistas from above, as you are strolling through magnificent remains of a past era.

Historic monuments are combined perfectly with the contemporary character of Loutraki and Corinth. This blend offers visitors the chance to enjoy their vacations while appreciating both the past and the present. Do not forget to schedule your trip to some of these prominent historical attractions, making the most of your stay at Loutraki and Wyndham Loutraki Poseidon Resort!