Local Products

Loutraki is a blessed place in the world, where nature's wonders are depicted in the most splendid manner and form an idyllic setting for vacations. Exploring Loutraki is an exceptional experience, offering guests the opportunity to take a glimpse at its marvelous uniqueness. The ground is fertile and gives its fruits most generously to locals. Agriculture is of great importance, when it comes to producing all that is necessary for the demands of the locals and the satisfaction of travelers.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are prevalent in the land of Loutraki, offering great culinary options and providing exquisite alternatives to those seeking all-natural dishes and recipes. Freshly squeezed orange juice from high quality local produce, refreshing salads and spoon sweets from homemade recipes following the instructions of grandmothers and housewives of Loutraki, these are just few of nature's wonders to try out.

Extra virgin olive oil completes each and every single dish most wonderfully, adding a dash of health boost and heavenly taste. Topped on salads and sprinkled on feta cheese, used to cook the finest traditional recipes or bought as a marvelous souvenir of your visit to Loutraki, olive oil is truly the nectar of Gods! As for local specialties and delicacies, you will find a plethora of amazing dishes to satisfy your palate and surprise your taste buds. From the fresh catch of the day and delicious seafood to amazing dishes like souvlaki, moussaka and pasticcio, you will be stunned by the local gastronomy!

Last but not least, when you visit Loutraki do not miss out on trying out handmade chocolate from the local factory. They produce high quality chocolate in a plethora of variations, including chocolate with stevia and super foods. They are purely mouth-watering!