Triaina Ouzeri Restaurant

Greek dining culture comes alive with gently lapping waves as the most melodic soundtrack.

Embark on a journey of delicious flavour and true mediterranean aroma right by the waterfront at Ramada Loutraki Poseidon Resort's Triaina Ouzeri Restaurant. Let the sounds of the waves serve as a soundtrack while you enjoy a true feast for the senses.

Traditional Greek recipes with a fresh twist, prepared only with the finest, locally-sourced ingredients, meet impeccable presentation and expert service in your one-stop shop for relaxation and gastronomic exploration. Sip on crisp champagne or enjoy wine from the local wineries and let your palate be enchanted with every single bite as you gaze out to twinkling deep blue waters and bask in the warmth of a quintessentially Greek summer experience.

Triaina Ouzeri Restaurant operates, weather permitting, from mid June until the beginning of September.